The Wine List

Wine Tasting is $16 for 5 selections ~ 
10% discount on 6 bottles, 15% on 12 bottles or more. Tax is included in Tasting Prices.
Please visit the BW Sweet Shop for complimentary Chocolate Pairings and Olive & Cork for Savory Samples,  to enjoy with your wine tasting.  

Take home a logo glass for $6, $10 or $12.

Please Note ~ Library wines are also available for tasting and purchase by the glass and bottle. See Library Wine List webpage for our library wines as well as our 50 Year Port.




ORO DI BERNARDO ~ $22 bottle, $8 glass California sparkling wine with notes of peaches and honey. Dry to off-dry character.


2016 CHABLIS ~ $20 bottle, $7 glass Blended white made in the Ol’ Italian style. Soft, light, semi-dry white wine. A blend of French Colombard and Chenin Blanc.

2016 CHARDONNAY ~ $22 bottle, $8 glass A balanced chardonnay that pairs perfectly with the warm San Diego sun. Fruity yet savoury, lightly buttery yet crisp. Citrus and hints of oak throughout.


2017 VINCENZO ROSADO Sunshine mountain vineyard $26 bottle, $30 1-liter carafe, $8 glass A silver medal winner at the San Diego Fair International Wine Comp, this off-dry super fruity rose of Syrah with notes of strawberries, honeysuckle and vanilla is Spring in a glass. On Tap and in bottle.


2016 CABERNET FRANC Means Vineyard $30 bottle, $11 glass This light, fruity, juicy Cab Franc is a perfect example of a warmer-climate red. Refreshing and floral on the nose with a satisfyingly full body on the palette

2016 BURGUNDY ~ $20 bottle, $7 glass Our Barbera and Mourvedre classic fruity red blend. A traditional red Italian table wine, our ‘Burgundy’ has been produced at Bernardo Winery since before prohibition age and named after this prestigious French region simply out of Old-California winemaking tradition.

2017 GRENACHE rupe vineyard $30 1-liter carafe, $10 glass ( ON TAP ONLY) A delicious light to medium red made to be drank early. Super fruity with light oak and classic maraschino cherry finish. A warm climate red for the pinot drinkers.

2014 MERLOT ~ $24 bottle, $9 glass Robust Merlot reveals a deep purple color. Shows aromas of blackberry and spice with ripe, jam flavors of plum and black currant

2016 ZINFANDEL Faber Vineyard $28 bottle, $10 glass Deep and contrasting flavors of raspberry and plum on the palette with notes of spiced cedar and hickory on the finish. Our climate is perfect for this primitivo-esque savory red reminiscent of southern Italy.

BW SANGRIA $301-liter carafe, $10 glass Seasonal housemade sangria on tap served over ice. WHITE SANGRIA Peach, Lavender RED SANGRIA Blood Orange, Spring Apple


CHOCOLATE BAR PORT ~ $25 bottle (enjoy a tasting or purchase a bottle for home) Fortified dessert wine. Your dessert in a glass, robust with cocoa and cherry on the nose and palette.