The Wine List

Wine Tasting is $12 for 5 selections OR
 $18 for 5 selections includes Logo Glass
10% discount on 6 bottles, 15% on 12 bottles or more. Tax is included in Tasting Prices.
Please visit the BW Sweet Shop for complimentary Chocolate Pairings and Olive & Cork for Savory Samples,  to enjoy with your wine tasting. 

Please Note ~ Library wines are also available for tasting and purchase by the glass and bottle. See Library Wine List webpage for our library wines as well as our 50 Year Port.


 2013 Chablis ~ Bernardo Winery ~ $14 bottle, $5 glass
Blended white made in the Ol’ Italian style. Soft, light, semi-dry white wine. A blend of French Colombard and Chenin Blanc. Pairs well with mussels, white fish and sushi.

2013 Chardonnay ~ Bernardo Winery ~ $20 bottle, $7 glass
Bright color with soft feel and rich fruit. Balanced nicely with citrus and hints of oak. Pairs well with crab cakes, butternut squash and mustard sauces.

2013 Vincenzo Bianco~ Bernardo Winery ~Hillspring Vineyards ~ $22 bottle, $8 glass
A vintage blend of Albarino and Chardonnay from San Diego County. This full bodied white blend is tropical and rich on the nose with luscious fruit on the palette. San diego sunshine in a glass. Pairs well with sweet chili sauce, shrimp and ahi tuna.

2015 Rosso Rubino ~ Hillspring Vineyards ~ Bernardo Winery ~ $24 Bottle, $9 glass
Rosso Rubino, Italian for Ruby Red, exhibits cherry and pomegranate on the nose and palette. Refreshing tartness best served at cellar temperature 50′-55′. Pairs with bacon, pottoes and croquettes. 

2015 Zinfandel~ Faber Vineyards~ $31 bottle, $12 glass
A full bodied Italian style Primitivo with chocolate covered raspberry, vanilla and toasted oak throughout. Pairs well with BBQ chicken, short ribs and pecan pie.

2013 Riesling ~ Bernardo Winery ~ $18 bottle, $6 glass
Our Riesling is a drinkable sweet wine with honey notes and a light finish. Our signature sweet wine. Pairs well with spicy Thai dishes, mild blue cheese and apple pie. 

2015 Muscat of Alexandria ~ Bernardo Winery, $20 bottle, $7 glass
Famed for being one of the first varietals to be grown in this region over 200 years ago, this sweet Muscat is light with notes of honeysuckle and white peaches. Pairs with scallops, sweet potatoes and coffee cake.

Chocolate Bar Port ~ $25 bottle (not for sale by the glass)
Fortified dessert wine. Your dessert in a glass, robust with cocoa and cherry on the nose and palette. Pairs with figs, goat cheese and rosemary.