Library Wine List

~Here we have in our Library a small collection of our older vintage wines that we’ve kept cellared for you,  the wine lover and collector. They are available for tasting as well as by the glass and bottle. 

Library tasting ~ $30 for 5 selections. | $15 glass.  Excludes 50 year port.
Limited Availability of these Bernardo Winery Library Wines.
Inquire in the Tasting Room if you would like to do a Library Wine Tasting.


2012 Syrah | Bernardo & Estate Il Mulino Vineyards | $75 bottle
Robust notes of dark cherry, dried cranberry, toasted oak and a hint of dried plum. Pairs elegantly with 72% cocoa chocolate and fruity cheeses.

2012 Syrah | Sunfresh Vineyard ~ San Diego County | $75 bottle
Located in San Marcos, North County San Diego, Sunfresh Vineyards provides to us each year a bountiful harvest of Syrah that embodies characteristics like Blackberry preserves, fresh honey and lavender. The oak aging rounds out the vanilla and toastiness.

2013 Zinfandel |  Faber Vineyard ~ San Diego County | $75 bottle
This San Marcos Vineyard supplies us with this fantastic rasberry like, velvety fruit each year, which we love making into this Southern Italian style Primitivo.

2013 Malbec|Merlot | Hillsprings Farms ~ San Diego County | $75 bottle
An M & M blend the likes of which haven’t been experienced in San Diego County before now. The Malbec contributes to the rich blueberry and coriander on the nose, while the Merlot lends to the soft front end and luscious yet pointed finish. Develops over the course of the glass to a friendly, approachable red that will stand up to rich foods.

2014 Malbec | Hillsprings Farm Vineyard ~ San Diego County | $75


3 generation 50 year port (includes commemorative display box)50 year port holiday 2
Bernardo Winery | Numbered, Limited bottling | $150
This port is a culmination of 3 generations of winemaking at Bernardo, made with Tokay, Grenache and Muscat of Alexandria as the base wine and the brandy that was distilled here on property over 50 years ago. Rich Caramel, butterscotch, oaky overtones on the nose, with a full rich mouthfeel and brandy-esque finish.
A wonderful and meaningful gift for a wine or port lover or special treat for yourself.