Photography at Bernardo Winery

Bernardo Winery Photography Rules

Thank you for your interest in taking photography on our Beautiful Grounds. Our property is and has been privately family owned for the past three generations. With this being said we take great pride in our property and do the best we can to keep it up and looking as pristine as possible. In order to take Professional  photos on site we require your photographer to sign a photo release form as well as pay a fee of $100 for a private shoot or $300 for a commercial shoot.  Below you will find rules and regulations of photography on site.

  • All photos must be taken during our regular hours of operation
  • You or your photographer must call ahead of time to reserve a time slot for your photos, regardless of the length of the shoot
  • Please respect our property and the antiques it houses; no climbing on any and all antique equipment.
  • Please do not re-arrange items or décor on property including our antiques.
  • No animals are allowed on site, including during a photography session.
  • Please do not block any pathways nor entrances into buildings and shops.
  • Download this printable PDF of our entire Photography agreement for your convenience: Photographer Agreement Bernardo Winery Inc

** Please Note ** Regarding Homecoming, Prom and other school formal photo shoots: We understand that our winery is a desirable location for Prom, Homecoming and other School related photos. but we do not allow any prom and homecoming shoots on Bernardo Winery property. We reserve this right, as it is family owned, private property. No exceptions. Weddings and other private events reserve and pay for the use of our grounds on the weekends, including for their sole photographic needs. Large school groups  impede their reserved use of the space as well as the enjoyment of other winery guests. Thank you for your understanding.