Ross Rizzo Jr.
President & Winemaker – ext 116

Selena Roberts
General Manager – ext 112

Samantha Nawrocki
Marketing & Advertising Director – ext 115

Veronica Hall-Rizzo
Craft Fair Manager

Terry Lowrey
Wedding Manager – ext 113

Kirsten Morell
Private Event Manager – ext 114

Madee Reihl
Executive Assistant – ext 119

Kristin Vasquez
Tasting Room Manager – ext 117

Patty White
Sweet Shop Manager – ext 124

Cynthia Heath-Kerrigan
Olive & Cork and Tasting Room Merchandise Manager – ext 123

Matty Ward
Assistant Winemaker

Max Pewitt
Winery Operations

Manuel Guzman

Arturo Beltran
Winery Engineer

Would you like to join our Team? The Bernardo Winery offers employment opportunities for various positions and jobs at different times of the year. If you are interested in a position at the winery and it’s village, please contact us!